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                                 Celebrating 1 year on-line!                                 
Welcome ...
to the Official Site website for
Errol Sitahal: writer, director, filmmaker and actor in Cinema, Television and Theater.
Please make yourself at home.

  • Numerous photo additions are in the works. Photos are now in separate pages by subject and linked in a Gallery.
  • The trailer for Harold and Kumar 2 is out at the IMDB page.  No sign of Errol, but it looks quite funny.
  • A fan's submissions page to hold children's art or other fan art, poems or even stories has been added.  Contributions are very welcome since the gallery is brand new and has only a single drawing.
  • Errol is back to Toronto after working on The Reef.


A history of updates is available at News.

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Errol Sitahal


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