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11 Cameras

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11 Cameras
2006, Shaftesbury Films / CBC
Created and Produced by
Jeff Spriet and James Wilkes
The show follows 16 main characters living in Canada and around the world, as they keep up friendships and romances with use of internet webcams.
Errol Sitahal plays Samir, husband to Asha (Malika Mendez) and father to sons Sumesh (Yogesh Chotalia) and Raj (Jazz Mann).  Samir, Asha and Raj all live in India and keep in touch with their architect son Sumesh who lives in Vancover, British Columbia, Canada. 
Sumesh is arranged to marry Rohini (Natasha Chandel).  His university tuition was paid for by Dinesh (Marvin Ishmael), Rohini's father, who is also in India with his daughter.  However, in secret from his parents, fiancee, and her father, Sumesh has begun to date Sarah (Mayko Nguyen) and does not want to marry.  At the same time in India, Raj begins to have feelings for Rohini.

Errol Sitahal in 11 Cameras
Samir, Raj, Asha, Dinesh (Rohini's father), Director John L'Ecuyer & Henry Less

Errol Sitahal in 11 Cameras
Samir, Asha and Raj talking to Sumesh

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The premiere aired on Wednesday June 28, 2006 at 7:30 PM on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation [►].  Season one is 22 episodes, each 30 minutes long.
Regular Broadcast
Currently, 11 Cameras airs on CBC on both Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30 PM with a repeat showing at 11:30 PM.  All times Eastern.  Two episodes are shown per week.  The first season is scheduled to run to September 7, 2006.
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