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The Late, Late Lady McVain

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Note: Errol has not been able to provide any additional information on this and there is very little on the internet.  Fan submissions of information are quite welcome.  Please see the contact page.  Thank you.

The Late, Late Lady McVain
by Jeremy Lloyd

Directed by Ron Ulrich

27 September to 19 November 1995

Mayfield Dinner Theatre [►]
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

(From personal correspondence with Guy Siner.)
...Lady McVain was written by Lloyd specially for Guy Siner as a result of their  work together on 'Allo 'Allo!
This was the only production according to Siner, specifically because of the difficulty of casting the central role(s): Siner played Lady McVain and her twin brother Balfour who at intervals believes himself to be NoŽl Coward [►].
Lady McVain lives quietly in a remote Scottish castle where her father, the old laird, has just died.  Balfour has escaped from an asylum and arrives in a stolen ambulance to claim his share of the inheritance.
  • Guy Siner
  • April Banigan
  • Stephen Fielden
  • Jeremy Hart
  • Keith Jones
  • Errol Sitahal as Royce
  • Jennifer Spencer

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Late, Late Lady McVain - Guy Siner, Errol Sitahal
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Image retrieved from Spotlight [►] - an project to create a theater program archive for past performances at the Mayfield Dinner Theatre.
Designed by Shannon Lee Rae, Shannon Lee Photography [►]
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