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The Reef

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Television Writer, Actor
The Reef
Diefferent Style Flims, 2007
Airing March 2008
The Reef is a new 13 episode drama series created in Trinidad and Tobago.  It was shot over the summer of 2007, mostly on the island of Tobago.  The producer/director is Danielle Dieffenthaller.  The program will air on Caribbean New Media Group's (CNMG) C Television, channels (9/13) in Trinidad and Tobago.
Errol is expected to appear in two of the episodes.  Additionally, he assisted Danielle with script revisions before production began.
The story follows employees, guests and others at a Tobago resort known as "The Reef".
Danielle Dieffenthaller & Diefferent Style Flims
Danielle is the writer, director, producer and editor behind Trinidad and Tobago's long-running TV drama Westwood Park.  It ran from 1997 to 2004.
Her production company, for both Westwood Park and The Reef, is Diefferent Style Flims.  The company name is a play on the phrase "Different Style Films". It combines the first part of Dieffenthaller's name (Dieffenthaller) with the word "different".  The name also transposes letters in the word "Films" to make "Flims".
  • Auditions were held in Trinidad and Tobago on Saturday, 7 April 2007.
  • In early-May, Errol traveled to Trinidad and Tobago to work with Dieffenthaller on the drama series.
  • By mid-May, Errol returned to Toronto and worked with Danielle on some rewriting and revisions of the episodes
  • Script revisions were done in early June.
  • Production began in mid-June.
  • In mid-July, Errol returned to Trinidad and Tobago for filming.
  • Errol returned to Toronto in August after working on series
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