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How Now Black Man

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Note: Errol has not been able to provide any additional information on this and there is very little on the internet.  Fan submissions are quite welcome.  Thank you.
How Now Black Man
by Lorris Elliott
Directed by Jeff Henry
The story follows a West Indian black man.
The entry on Lorris Elliott at shows that this play was produced at the Centaur Theatre in 1968 prior to the first regular season of the Centaur Theatre Company.
The entry on Black Theatre Workshop at The Canadian Encyclopedia shows that it was also the first play produced by the Black Theatre Workshop in 1970 at the Centaur.  This production was directed by Jeff Henry.
In the Concordian's Thursday Report Online for Thursday 1 March 2001, Renaissance of the Norris Building by Barbara Black, Professor Clarence Bayne recalled how Black Theatre Workshop's production of How Now Black Man held rehearsals in Birks Hall at YMCA's Norris Building on Drummond Street in Montreal.
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