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Owning Mahowny

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Owning Mahowny
Released 2003, Alliance Atlantis Communications
Directed by Richard Kwietniowski.
Screenplay by Maurice Chauvet.
Based on the book Stung: The Incredible Obsession of Brian Molony by Gary Stephen Ross.
Owning Mahowny follows the story of Dan Mahowny, a Toronato banker who embezzled and gambled away tens of millions of dollars in the early 1980s.  The character is based on the real life Brian Molony.
Dan Mahowny is played by Philip Seymour HoffmanErrol did one day's work with Hoffman shooting a scene with him but was apologetically informed later by the director that his scene was cut from the final film.  In Errol's words:

"Working with Hoffman on a one to one basis for a day was a privilege all the same."

Hoffman won a Best Actor Oscar at the 2006 Academy Awards for Capote.  Perhaps this will generate greater interest in his earlier films and lead to a re-release of the Owning Mahowny DVD with deleted scenes included.

Owning Mahowny DVD cover
Owning Mahowny DVD cover

Owning Mahowny poster
Poster for Owning Mahowny

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