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Fan submissions: how to contribute.
While the submissions page is mostly a place for children to show off their artwork, items from any age are very welcome.  They should touch on Errol Sitahal's career in some way, either as one the characters he has played or as the man himself.  At present, only pictures (images) and stories or poems (text) are supported. 
Please note, as this site is accessible by minors, only appropriate items will be added.  I, as the website maintainer, have the final say on the appropriateness of any and all submissions.
If under 13, please have your parents email the website maintainer your submission.  Any items from minors will only list first name and age, such as "Sara, age 10" in the submissions gallery page, unless specifically requested in the email from the parent.  For example, you may wish to include your City, State, Territory, or Province and Country.
If over 13, please say in your email message if you want your full name, email address, and website posted along with your item.  Email addresses will be listed without the actual @ sign and period as are other email addresses on this site to reduce webcrawler spam.
For images, any medium is welcome: pencil, pen & ink, colored pencils, markers, crayon, pastels, watercolor, oil on canvas, stained glass, needle-point, cross-stitch, even sculpture!  Please scan or photograph your work and send only JPG or JEPG files.  A good size is around 800 x 600 pixels.  Files may be cropped as best suites the site.  If you want to create an image with a graphics program, that is fine as well.  Artists retain copyrights to their work.
For stories or poems written by young children, parents may want to scan  or photograph pages to preserve the distinctive appearance of the child's hand writing and spelling.  Another option for a child learning to use the keyboard, is to let them type in a plain text editor so that they will not be distracted by automatic spell-checking.  This text can be easily copied and pasted into the body of an email message.
For stories or poems written by older children to adults, please submit them in the body of your email message.  If you wish to submit an attachment, please only send a text (.txt) file or if using a word processor, please save the file as a Rich Text Format (.rtf) file.  At present, there is no limit to the story size.  Please remember to write your work appropriate to a younger audience.  Submissions may be edited for content.  Authors retain copyright to their work.
Please remember to give your picture, poem or story a title.  If I have left something out or if you have a suggestion, please let me know by emailing below.  Thank you.
Click here to email submissions or questions to the website maintainer.
Note: Actual hyperlinked email addresses have not been used in order to reduce webcrawler spam.
Please substitute the @ sign and period as appropriate.
If you have original artwork but are not able to scan or photograph it, please contact the website maintainer for a mailing address to use.  Please enclose a SASE (a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope) if you wish your item returned.  This option should be used mostly for children's drawings.