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Harold & Kumar 2

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Title screen from the teaser trailer for Harold & Kumar 2

Harold & Kumar 2
Scheduled for release 4 April 2008, New Line Cinema

Written and Directed by
Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg.
Errol once again portrays Dr. Patel, Kumar's (Kal Penn) father in the sequel to Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.
Filming for Errol's scenes took place in January and February of 2007 in New Orleans, Louisiana, US.

"We have Kumar’s father (Errol Sitahal) back because he was so fun in the first one."

- Jon Hurwitz (from, see Links below)
Errol's Scene:
The scene features both sets of parents: the Lees and the Patels.  Errol is Dr. Patel.  The actress who played Mrs. Patel has not been listed yet.  The Lees are played by Clyde Kusatsu and Mary Deese.
Teaser Trailer
On 17 August 2007, a 1 minute teaser trailer was released in the United States with the film Superbad.  There are no scenes of Errol, but it looks quite funny.  The trailer can be viewed at the IMDB.  The title comes up as simply Harold & Kumar 2.
As of 9 October 2007, the same teaser trailer can be seen, in a much larger size, at the official Harold & Kumar site.  The site, which used be set up for the first film, is now set up for the sequel.
Changes to the Film's Title
  • The early working title for the film was Harold & Kumar Go to Amsterdam.
  • The IMDB listed the film as Untitled Harold & Kumar Sequel for several months.
  • Wikipedia showed these titles and Harold & Kumar End Up in Gitmo and Harold & Kumar: High Alert.
  • Currently, the IMDB is now listing the film simply as Harold & Kumar 2.
  • As of 18 October 2007, IMDB is listing the film as Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.

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