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Tommy Boy
Released 1995 by Paramont Pictures
Directed by Peter Segal.
Written by Bonnie Turner & Terry Turner.
Errol had a brief scene opposite David Spade and Chris Farley.
As Richard (Spade) and Tommy (Farley) are on the road selling brake pads to save Tommy's family company, they are greeted with a sucession of "No!" replies from various potential customers.
When they break for dinner, Tommy convinces a waitress to have the cook open up the kitchen and fix their dinner even though it is very late in the evening.  Richard tells him this attitude is the drive they need to sell.
As the two continue the next day with the positive attitude, their sales pick up and in contrast to the previous day, they get a series of "Yes!" replies from customers.  Errol is the third of these executives.  He retells the joke "Did you ever eat paint chips as a kid?" as said by Rob Lowe to Farley after the cow-tipping scene, earlier in the film.
His scene is at approximately 1 hour, 2 minutes, 27 seconds into the film.
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Errol Sitahal in Tommy Boy


Errol Sitahal in Tommy Boy

"Sounds good." (voice-over)

Errol Sitahal in Tommy Boy

"By the way, did you ever eat paint chips as a kid?"
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