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"...and Errol Sitahal nearly steals the show as a pompous politician who gradually learns the truth."
"(**** out of *****)"
- Glenn Sumi
NOW Toronto Online Edition
NOW: Powerful politics, Oct 30 - Nov 5, 2003
VOL. 23 NO. 9 [►]
Date when accessed: April 22, 2006

"[Errol] Sitahal's Singh was the most multi-faceted theatrical portrayal of an Indian Trini man I have yet seen on stage (and we haven't seen many). His rendition of 'God and Rum' is not to be missed..."
- Joanne Johnson
Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators - Caribbean
We recommend ...:The Brand New Lucky Diamond Horseshoe Club
Wednesday, February 15, 2006 [►]
Date when accessed: April 22, 2006
The Brand New Lucky Diamond Horseshoe Club
"Errol Sitahal and Conrad Parris got my vote for outstanding performances. The Brand new Lucky Diamond Club is one I would like to see again so that I can hear again all that I missed out on first time around."
- Helena Allum
Catholic News :: weekly newspaper of the Archdiocese of Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
The club on the other side of town
Sunday February 26, 2006 [►]
Date when accessed: April 22, 2006

"[Best character was] Indian manservant who almost never spoke ... Powerful eyes."
"The Indian manservant who almost never spoke and whose name I did not catch was extremely effective. Powerful eyes. [Years after I wrote this review, I found out that the actor's name is Errol Sitahal. I wish more directors would cast him in their films. His eyes alone should be enough to convince casting agents that he's their man.]"
"Rating:  FRESH 2.5 / 4"
- Steve Rhodes, Internet Reviews
Rotten Tomatoes
A LITTLE PRINCESS - A film review by Steve Rhodes
Update of original review of Friday, May 19, 1995 [►]
Date when accessed: April 23, 2006
A Little Princess
"And finally, with the aid of Ram Dass, a mysterious, kindly Indian gentleman (played with dignity by Errol Sitahal), she is reunited with her father..."

- Gary Kamiya, EXAMINER Staff Critic
San Francisco Gate
Not the book, but a lovely "Princess'
Friday, May 19, 1995 [►]
Date when accessed: April 22, 2006

"...Alison Sealy-Smith and Errol Sitahal make an impassioned and sexy couple..."
(*** out of *****)

- Jon Kaplan
NOW Toronto Online Edition
NOW On / Night and Day / Theatre Listings, Feb 18-24, 1999
VOL. 18 NO. 25 [►]
Date when accessed: April 27, 2006

"Cliche-in-chief is the philsopher-king (given stately grace and gravity by Errol Sitahal).  His are the play's lyrical flourishes, essaylets on true love and art and innocence.  His also are the concubines restrained, the responsibilities shirked, the fatal consequences misunderstood.  He can romanticize suicide; solitude allows him 'at last to form a world without contradiction.' "
- Wilder Penfield III
Toronto Sun review, posted to Canoe Jam! Theatre Reviews
Amazonian Illusions
January 28, 1995
Date when accessed: August 2, 2004