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A Little Princess

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A Little Princess
Produced in 1995 by Baltimore Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures.
Released in May 1995 and re-released in November 1995.
Directed by Alfonso Cuaron.
Screenplay by Richard LaGravenese and Elizabeth Chandler.
Adapted from the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
Errol's portrayal of Ram Dass in the 1995 remake of A Little Princess is one of his most widely known roles in North America.  His presence coupled with Patrick Doyle's wonderful soundtrack add to the magical and powerful Indian feel of the film.

"Ram Dass helps Sara to recognize the inherent strength in herself.  In addition, he is the force of good to counteract the evil in Miss Minchin."
– Errol Sitahal
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Title screen

The Story:
The film is a version of the classic novel set in 1914.  Sara Crewe's father is Captain in the British army.  Before he can go and fight in World War I, he takes his daughter Sara from their home in Simla, India to New York, where she can attend the same boarding school as her mother.  On their ship, we first see Ram Dass who observes them dancing a waltz.
Ram Dass is traveling to America to be the manservant to Charles Randolph who lives adjacent to Sara's new school.  He cares for Mr. Randolph when his son John also goes off to war.  By coincidence John and Captain Crewe are assigned to the same unit.
When Sara receives word that her father has been killed in battle, she loses her standing as a popular student and becomes a scullery maid at the school.  When she is returning from the market, she encounters Ram Dass in the midst of a powerful and mystical wind out front of the school.  Mr. Randolph learns that his son John has also been reported as killed in battle at that moment and Ram Dass goes to tend to him.
Sara sees Ram Dass and his monkey Hanuman from time to time as she goes about shopping and working outside the school.  At one point, Mr. Randolph goes to the hospital on word that the British Army has sent his son John back to America.  However, it is not his son, but is in fact, Captain Crewe who is suffering from amnesia.  Ram Dass convinces Mr. Randolph to take the unknown soldier back to his home and care for him.
Sara just misses seeing her father, his eyes bandaged being lead into Mr. Randolph's house with Ram Dass' help.

Errol Sitahal as Ram Dass
Errol Sitahal as Ram Dass

Errol's name in the credits as first listed

Errol listed in the roll of credits
See the Reviews page for additional information and praise of Errol's performance.
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Initial release poster

Poster of Liesel Matthews and Errol Sitahal
"Version 2" movie poster
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November 1995 re-release poster

Publicity Stills:

Errol Sitahal as Ram Dass
Errol Sitahal as Ram Dass

The photo below was the basis for the version two poster seen above.  The same photo of Sara and Ram Dass was also used for one of the menu screens on the 1997 DVD release.
However, the actual meeting is different in the film: when they meet face to face, both Sara and Ram Dass keep their arms at their sides.

Liesel Matthews and Errol Sitahal
Publicity shot with Liesel Matthews and Hanuman.

DVD Cover:

A Little Princess DVD cover
DVD cover of
A Little Princess
(based on the re-release poster)

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