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Some of Errol's writing efforts:

From 1985 to 1987, Errol was a staff developer, writer and presenter on Gayelle, a weekly cultural magazine television program by Banyan Productions.
In 1987, Errol, Tony Hall, and Dennis Hall wrote the musical play Monster MarchIt gives a history of trade unions on the island nation and features original music by fellow Trinidadian Andre Tanker.
In 1989, Errol and Tony Hall wrote Santimanitay - A Mas by Minshall.
In 1992, Errol, Tony Hall, and Christopher Laird wrote Moksha, a 15 minute drama for television.  This won a PAHO National Media Awards Certificate of merit in 1998.
In July 2000, Errol again collaborated with Tony Hall and Christopher Laird on the third draft of the screenplay for No Pain Like This Body.  It is based on Harold Sonny Ladoo's novel of the same name.
In May 2007, Errol worked with producer/director Danielle Dieffenthaller of Diefferent Style Flims on rewrites and revisions of the first 13 episodes of the TV series The Reef.  The series will begin production in mid-June and Errol may appear in two episodes.
In addtion to Monster March, Errol has written three other plays:
  • Jahaaji - which shows Trinidad as an East Indian person would experience it
  • Sea Shango - is a folk-tale that takes place in a villiage in Trinidad
  • A Wreath of Thorns - which shows black history in Canada
Film Writing:
Errol wrote and shot Bali - Altar of the Gods.
He also wrote Malini, which he received a grant to aid in its completion.
In Montreal, Errol directed Deathwatch by Jean Genet.
He created the set design and directed the premiere in Montreal of Dream on Monkey Mountain by Derek Walcott.
In Trinidad, Errol also directed Errol John's Moon on a Rainbow Shawl.
In 1986 Errol directed a National Theatre Company of Trinidad and Tobago's production of Man Better Man by Errol Hill.  Penelope Spencer was one of the actors he directed.
He also directed performances of his play Jahaaji.