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The Ghost of Hing King Estate
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Errol Sitahal in Ghost of Hing King Estates
Errol Sitahal as Ernest Dauphin

The Ghost of Hing King Estate
Due for release in 2007 by Six Point Production Limited
Written and Produced by Francis Escayg
Directed by Horace Ove
Cinematography by Phillip Chavannes
Errol stars as Ernest Dauphin in this feature film shot on location in Trinidad.  Ernest is the overseer of a local plantation in Las Cuevas, Trinidad, where the workers are dying off mysteriously - six of them in a period of five months.  The surviving workers and the surrounding villagers accuse the plantation overseer's wife, Carmelle, of being a witch and of poisoning the workers.  Ernest defends her down to his own untimely death.  She is eventually terrorized by the villagers and driven out of the estate house ending up living alone in an old shack on a riverbank in the forest.
Shooting was for five weeks and finished in mid September 2006.  The film was scheduled to premiere late December or early in 2007 on CCN-TV6 in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Errol Sitahal as Ernest
  • Suzanne Hannays-Abraham as Carmelle
  • Wendell Manwarren
  • Cecilia Salazar
  • Michael Cherrie, (was also in Lucky Diamond)
  • Conrad Parris as Kwesi Williams, (was also in Lucky Diamond)
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